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Car Removal

Before deciding on selling your unwanted car, it is worthwhile to have an insight into the definition of car removal service. This service comprises the process of trading the car ( cash for car ), removing it, and the actions after the car removal which are reusing parts, recycling, or selling the car to a secondary customer. Car removal also stands for not only removing old, damaged, or scrap car but removing the unwanted new or used car. The destination of each car varies considering the overall condition of cars. This service helps car holders to get rid of their cars easily, fast, and without arranging towing service themselves. These cars may have no value in the market but removing them will benefit owners to receive a high amount of cash. If the car is chosen to be recycled after transfer

to the wrecking yard, there will be a few steps that it goes through before recycling. The onset of recycling starts with car removal, then disassembling the parts of the car, separating the parts, and finally categorizing them into useful and junk parts. The useful parts such as body parts, battery, engine, sound system, or wheel will be reused to fix other cars. Afterward, the junk parts that are made of recyclable materials comprising steel, iron, plastic, and glass will be cleaned from rust, wrecked, and sent for recycling.

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car removal

Call and arrange a time for removal

car removal

Receive cash on the spot

car removal

We will do the paperwork before pick up: You need to provide evidence of identity acceptable by transport and motoring of Queensland

car removal

The car will be removed at the same day: *No rego or RWC is required.

car removal

What type of cars do we buy?

First cash for car buys and removes new, old, and used cars in any condition. We will pay instant cash for your unwanted, accidental, and damaged or scrap car in central Brisbane and all the suburbs. Then, the car will be removed for free up to 200km from Brisbane. We will buy and remove cars in any shape and size from SUVs to trucks of any model and make. Our car removal services are covering cars that are not running due to mechanical issues, accident or expired registration. Also, the wrecking service of old, scrap car is our expertise after car removal. Decided to remove your car? Please call us to get a quick quote for your car, in any condition, size, model and make.

High cash for unwanted car in Brisbane

We are one of the most reliable and high-quality car removal in Brisbane. First cash for car pays up to 10,000$ for your unwanted car regardless of condition, model, make, size, and having valid rego and RWC. All the services from getting quotes over the phone until the car removal is free of charge and without any extra hidden charges. If you are interested in selling your old, unwanted car, call today to get a free quote. Our professional and friendly team will assess the value of your car easily over phone calls based on the properties such as having the original documents, age, and condition of the car. Then if you are satisfied with the price, we will arrange to pick up for the most convenient time of your week. Call us today without hesitation and get the most benefit from our wide range of services.

car removal

Same day and free scrap car removal services

It takes less than a few hours from making the decision of selling your car to receive cash and having your car removed from your home. This is how simple and fast we made car trade and car removal in Brisbane. You don’t need to think about finding a customer and arranging towing service by yourself which takes a lot of time and reduces the amount of benefit due to the existence of additional expenses. We will pay top cash for car removal and wrecking of 4×4s, SUVs, Vans/minivans, trucks, and Utes, with any model and make, in any condition, anywhere and anytime.

Cash for car

The documentation and removal services are free from the beginning to the end. We pay a good amount of dollars for your vehicle with or without registration. We will manage paperwork, registration, and transfer of registration by ourselves.

Cash for car removal Brisbane wide

First cash for car provides professional and high-quality cash removal services for residents of Brisbane. It doesn’t matter where in Brisbane you are and when you need a car removal service. Our friendly and responsible team is ready to buy your car and give you service within a phone call. Our removal service is totally free, without the hassle and hidden charges. Make a big decision today and call us to arrange a convenient car removal. If you are not sure about what you need to do with your car, we are more than happy to help you over the phone and make this process easy for you. Taking into consideration that you don’t have experience with car removal or your busy schedule made you keep your car in the garage for a long time, you can trust first cash for car removal service to figure out the most pleasant condition for you. Here we are, one service that covers all. Call us now.